SaaS free trial email copy that converts Denver, CO, United States
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SaaS free trial email copy that converts
Listing Type : Contractor
Specialty : A/B Testing, Email, UX Copy, Web / Landing Page
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Audience : B2B, B2C

You’ve got a free trial email campaign in place. 

Problem is your emails are performing like a 70-year old waitress who’s been at her job 20 years too long. (Your coffee refill comes after you’ve paid the check… and left your tip dollars next to a bone-dry coffee cup.)

Your emails aren’t converting free trial users to paying customers like they should. When you analyze the numbers, it feels like you’re playing darts blindfolded. Guessing at what’s working, crossing your fingers that it’ll work this time.

You hear about optimizing conversion rates on free trial emails. 

Turning more trial users into paying customers. (Yes please.) Showing them how your app benefits their life, guiding them towards their aha moment, yada, yada. 

Great, you say, but I’ve got a million things on my plate. Now I gotta learn conversion techniques? Maybe later — after I’ve reviewed the new upgrade, given feedback on content marketing projects. Sigh.

So your free trial users — aka peeps who are hot and bothered enough to give your app a try — are dropping off your trial.

And the boss voice in your head is shouting like a Marine drill sergeant to “improve those numbers! Who do you think you are. To skate by on such $#** numbers.” 

Let’s do something about that. 

“Laura is a solid copywriter, who assisted with several major projects and launches. I’m very grateful for her help!” — Selena Soo, CEO & founder of S2 Groupe

“At Tortuga Backpacks, Laura was part of a writing team that quadrupled our subscribers.” — Fred Perrotta, co-founder of Tortuga Backpacks, Entrepreneur Magazine’s 100 Brilliant Companies in 2012


Hey, I’m Laura. I’m an email conversion engineer in mountain-obsessed Denver where we get depressed after 1 overcast day. 

I help SaaS companies in North America with:

  • Free trial to paid user email campaigns


So your emails propel trial users towards a paid conversion, I use a proven blend of three strategies:

  • Persuasion methods learned in the trenches of the legal world (where persuasion is king)
  • Story-based approach which triggers action (human brain is wired that way)
  • Informed, data-driven conversion copy 

If you get your free trial email campaign down, you’re miles ahead of your competition. Even in a tough market filled with heavy-hitters. 

Then, your email analytics show enviable, healthy green lines shooting towards the sky, the Marine drill sergeant in your head quietly sips coffee, and the green cash flows. 

**Member of 2017 Copy Hackers Mini-Mastermind

**Graduate of Copy Hackers 10x Emails course



Sounds good, right?

Next step: fill out my intake form: Tell me about your SaaS and your free trial email challenges, and we’ll see if we’re a good fit. 

Thanks for considering me for your project. I’m really honored. (Can’t wait to shut up that drill sergeant.)



P.S. Scrolled here without reading? The TL;DR version:

I’m an email conversion engineer specializing in SaaS free trial user to paying customer email campaigns… because retaining users is far easier than acquiring new ones. Because data-driven, informed copy with a story-based approach is proven to convert without manipulating. 


Certified: Adwords
Certified: Copy Hackers
Certified: Copyblogger
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