SaaS email copy that converts Denver, CO, United States
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SaaS email copy that converts
Listing Type : Contractor
Specialty : A/B Testing, Email, UX Copy, Web / Landing Page
Experience : Intermediate
Audience : B2B, B2C

You already know that email combats your steep dropoff of trial SaaS users signing up… and disappearing. 

Teach her how to use your app and what it means for solving her problem, and that leads to a conversion.

Which is only done when she logs in and gets to know your SaaS app. A killer onboarding email campaign prompts her action: logging in and engaging. 

Great, so how do you engineer emails that light a fire in your trial user’s belly?

‘Cause yours are performing like a 70-year old waitress who’s been at her job 20 years too long. 

Answer is: an email conversion engineer who crafts persuasive SaaS onboarding emails. 

Bingo, baby. That’s what I do.

I write email campaigns and landing pages that convert for SaaS companies in North America.  


**Member of 2017 Copy Hackers Mini-Mastermind

**Completed Copy Hackers 10x Emails course


After spending almost 10 years as a litigation paralegal asking peeps to do things they didn’t want to do, I know the techniques in engaging a trial user.

How to guide her towards her first success with your app…

… teach her how to use your software (I taught countless clients the intricacies of the complex legal world)

… and realize how awesomely she needs your SaaS app in her life.

I combine those strategies with informed, data-driven conversion copy.


“Laura is a solid copywriter, who assisted with several major projects and launches. I’m very grateful for her help!” — Selena Soo, CEO & founder of S2 Groupe

“At Tortuga Backpacks, Laura was part of a writing team that quadrupled our subscribers.” — Fred Perrotta, co-founder of Tortuga Backpacks, Entrepreneur Magazine’s 100 Brilliant Companies in 2012


Why am I telling you this?

Because I’ve used those same techniques to grow my business 1400%…

… earn nearly $20k from one cold email…

… achieve 56% open rate…

… and 9% reply rate on the marketing world’s tough cookie (aka a cold email campaign)…

… and connect with top leaders like Director of Content Marketing at Smartsheet, CEO of S2 Groupe and rising-star entrepreneur, and New York Times bestselling author & founder of Pioneer Nation (just to name a few).  


Let’s optimize your onboarding email campaign, so your MRR skyrockets, your red-line churn drops low, and the green cash flows. 

Sounds good, right?

Let’s talk. Get the ball rollin’ by filling out my intake form:

Thanks for considering me for your project. I’m really honored.




Certified: Adwords
Certified: Copy Hackers
Certified: Copyblogger
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