A Conversion + Lead Machine for SaaS Portland, OR, United States
Posted on December 31, 2015 / 2664
A Conversion + Lead Machine for SaaS
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Hello, I'm Liston and I believe that…

Your Customers Are the Key to Higher Conversions.

Let me explain. Too many marketing consultants forget that there's a person behind every click and computer screen. They cycle through best practices and tell you what "should" work. I'm different.

I don't "guess" when recommending marketing strategies for your business – instead, I talk to your customers. I learn how and why they buy. I analyze your analytics data. Then I come up with meaningful A/B testing strategies based on the data I discover.


I can boost your online revenue in 3 ways:

– Research and Roadmapping – deep research to know your customer and radically improve your marketing
– Funnel optimization – tweak, design, or even tear down and rebuild your online funnel
– Conversion copywriting – high-converting copy for your website, landing pages, and email sequences

You don't just get copywriting with me. You also get analytics insights, marketing automation know-how, and real execution. I frequently work with the most common marketing tools like Mailchimp, Drip, Infusionsoft, Hubspot, Leadpages.net, Optimizely, Unbounce, and more.

A few examples of my work:

– Beat highly-optimized control and increased paid signups by 65%: http://d.pr/i/1fgA8
– Beat another conversion copywriter and increased leads by 189%: http://d.pr/i/Ow7Z
– Design recommendations and mockups that increased paid ad clicks by 289%: moblized.com

If you want measurable results from your marketing consultant, give me a shout.

Just email me direct at liston@goodfunnel.co or call +1.415.579.1980.


"Wait, you want me to provide a testimonial telling everyone how amazing you are at conversion rate optimization and copywriting, that you’re super fun to work with AND that you are accessible to a global audience? Absolutely not! I would much prefer if you were the best kept secret in the industry."

– Mark Abramson, Founder + CEO, PrintForm

Certified: Adwords
Certified: Copy Hackers
Certified: Copyblogger
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