A Certified + Experienced CRO Copywriter & Consultant Austin, TX, United States
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A Certified + Experienced CRO Copywriter & Consultant
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You're looking for a copywriter… I am a copywriter…

Could this get any more perfect?

Here's what you need to know about me and how I can help improve your conversion rates:


My process goes something like this:

Step 1) Learn everything I can about your company and your product or service.
Step 2) Research your customers to find out what they really want.
Step 3) Research your competitors to find out what makes you different.
Step 4) Write awesome copy.
Step 5) Test that awesome copy to prove that it does, in fact, generate more sales, leads, and sign-ups for you.


I've been a Copywriter & Senior Copywriter for many years now for a variety of companies & websites, from small start-ups to giants like sears.com.

I'm part of a CRO agency where I manage the PPC campaigns, CRO, & split-testing for about 30 different client sites monthly. So I do a LOT of split-testing and have a ton of experience in that area.

I also do freelance conversion copywriting through Copy Hackers and ConversionXL, where I've helped dozens of companies improve conversion rates on their websites, landing pages, emails, and PPC ads.


Here are the industries I specialize in, along with a few examples of companies I have worked with:

* Weight Loss (precisionnutrition.com)
* Health (grokker.com)
* Fitness (rebel-performance.com)
* Supplements (bullymax.com)
* Ecommerce (sears.com)
* Cosmetics (sunergeticproducts.com)
* Digital marketing (warroominc.com)
* Digital advertising (imscalable.com)
* Website (re)design (conversionxl agency)
* B2C Service (printerpix.com)
* SAAS (skyfish.com)

That said, I've worked in many, many different industries, and I always seize the opportunity to learn something new–so feel free to send me an email no matter what niche you're in.


* Conversion Copywriting by Copy Hackers
* Advanced Copywriting by AWAI
* Google Adwords
* Google Analytics
* eMarketer Certified
* Online Testing by MECLABs
* BetaTeam Conversion Expert
* Copy Editing by UCSD
* Conversion Optimization by Market Motive
* PPC by Market Motive
* Web Analytics by Market Motive
* Display Advertising by Market Motive
* Mobile Advertising by Market Motive

SEO: I was a Senior SEO Copywriter for sears.com and can definitely write copy that is optimized for search engines.


"If you're not hiring a professional like Neil to do your copywriting, you're leaving money on the table. His work has been a major factor in increasing our conversion rates. We couldn't be more please with the results that his work has delivered."
-Matthew Kinneman, Bully Max

"So the results from the split test are below, and needless to say, I'm thrilled with the 45% lift!"
-Dave Berns, Play Submission Helper

"Most impressive conversion rates that I have ever seen on a portal site."
-Brock Flagstad, Channel Clarity


After a phone call to talk about your project & goals, I'll send you a personalized proposal & quote. Minimum project fee for new clients is $1000.


Shoot me an email with a short description of your project. I'll let you know if I think we'd be a good fit together, and give you a free quote for what my services would cost.

Please note: I get a lot of inquiries, so I may have a waiting list of up to 3 weeks.

Certified: Adwords
Certified: Copy Hackers
Certified: Copyblogger
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