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Creativity + Conversions
Listing Type : Contractor
Specialty : Advertising, General, Web / Landing Page
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Audience : B2B, B2C, Education, Government

“Amy helped me understand the difference between your average copywriter and someone
who is truly a cut above and can add value in surprising ways across the board.”  Kasidee Kipp | Product Lead of eatsa

I’m blushing. People say the nicest things.

But you?
 You probably aren’t so giddy.
You have some copy to write!

 You may be staring at a blank screen or an overcrowded to-do list hoping (hell, maybe praying) that those words will magically appear and convert like cra-zy!

And they can, but often copy magic needs a little extra oomph.

Oh, hi! I’m Amy. I’ve never been called oomph, but we’ve made it this far, so I’ll run with it.

But before we get any closer (and before I throw out more nicknames for myself) you should know this:

 I was a courtroom lawyer. Law & Order style.
That means that persuasive writing runs through my veins — so does creativity.
And both of those reasons led me here, to the not so wild west world of conversion copywriting.
Getting curious? Here’s how I can help wrangle those words:
*Messaging Strategy
*Web Copy
*Landing Pages
*Print Collateral
*Quickies – copy consults
Time to talk?

Oh yeah, a few more reasons to blush

“Amy is one of the most intuitive people I’ve ever worked with. Her analysis cuts right to the heart of the matter–almost immediately, she understood who I am and why I do what I do.
She provided the website assessment I desperately needed. offering specific, detailed suggestions.  Now, I don’t make any major changes without Amy.
She’s like my own personal writing psychic.”
  Rachel Stern | Founder of The Right Essay

“We think your copy is brilliant and we love it. Angel Huang | COO of Alchema

“Amy was great! She understood what I needed right away, was very responsive and did great work! So excited to update our site with her copy.”  Alex LeBlanc | Co-Founder of Poppins

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