^ 👆 Levi’s Jeans Trusts Me (And You Will Too) Denver, CO, United States
Posted on August 2, 2016 / 2479
^ 👆 Levi’s Jeans Trusts Me (And You Will Too)
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Experience : Intermediate
Audience : B2B, B2C

This is a double dog dare to
step out of the shadows.

To take up space. To truly connect with your customers & clients in a way that feels good.
And to eat a churro or seven, because who doesn’t love a churro?

Meet the conversion copywriting propelled by personality that’s going to
get your important work noticed, remembered, and talked about.

The result? Hoards of folks standing at the ready, with open
minds, open hearts, and open pocket books—

just waiting for you
to make the pitch.


I’m Jessica Manuszak, and I create the copy that finally—fiiiiiinally—converts, for companies you’ve heard of (like Levi’s Jeans, AAA, CultureIQ, Dove Chocolates, and Acuity Scheduling), so you can stop endlessly sacrificing goats* to the copy gods and have more time to do what you do best: run your business.

*No goats were harmed in the making of this page.


See a noteworthy upsurge in income and influence just by changing the words on your site. Turned heads. Dropped jaws. And more than a handful of robust high fives.


When it comes to copywriting, I don’t just set the bar—I leap over it.


I’ll need to thoroughly interview your grizzled plumber, Ol’ Richard, over a few pints of room-temperature pale ale (and a bag of salted mixed cashews) to set these wheels in motion.

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Career highlights (not including newly-acquired sweet dance moves):

  • Clients who include Levi’s Jeans, AAA, Dove Chocolates, and Acuity Scheduling
  • Most recent client Facebook ad campaign increased page likes by 88% in 8 days
  • Wrote an Amazon bestseller that held the #2 spot for 18 weeks
  • Earned fancypants degrees in English, Creative Writing, and Marketing (instead of chucking $98 at the nearest internet “guru” who talks about synonyms for 2 hours on a staticky webinar that keeps cutting out)

Hard-earned stats:

  • Number of happy-camper-clients I’ve worked with: over 150.
  • Percentage of clients who don’t need revisions because it’s right on the very first try: 72%.
  • The way I like my coffee: Black, like a pirate’s soul.

Specialties (besides cooking up a mean grilled cheese):

✓ Full web content that’ll have ’em whipping out their wallets & busting open their hearts
✓ Autoresponders to prep and prime for the sale
✓ Sales pages that are bursting with personality and paving the way for more cash
✓ About pages that tell your story, in the way it matters most to you, your brand, and your clients
✓ Opt-ins that actually make people (gasp!) opt in
✓ Video scripts that’ll make any filmmaker proud (and keep ’em engaged)
✓ Speeches deserving of standing ovations—and one whiskey, neat


Word on the street & testimonials:

“Whatever you need to do to hire Jess, do it. Thank me later.”

“You’re a pro! I saw it from the moment I stepped foot on your website and then through your emails, schedule, the working process on the drafts and last but not least: Your writing! You really succeeded at describing what I had in mind but couldn’t verbalize.”

“You have honestly made me more excited than I have ever been over anything in my business. I’m also blown away by the speed at which genius was delivered to my inbox. I’m yours forever.”

“I’m already getting an increase in followers and subscribers JUST from using the social media bio you drafted for me. I have changed nothing else, I have not increased my outreach or engagement, and I have not been featured in any new media. JUST the social media bio. I can’t wait to get the rest of these words up on my site.

“How many clients respond with, “I really don’t have any edits to give you!!!” No, really. You’re incredible and everything is perfectly perfect. I LOVE YOU! I stayed up way too late excited to work on the site (which is a rarity for sure)!”

“The beauty of working with you is that I know it’s all crafted for my business & audience. I am headed for my next martini. I don’t even have to work because you do it all perfectly.”


I’m Jessica Manuszak, the shouty mastermind behind this block party copywriting.

I’m an enthusiastic, scrappy little creative lightning storm who’s going to help you wield your influence and affluence while making success look nearly effortless (and your butt look great in those jeans).

When I’m not backdoor bragging about my B.A. in creative writing, whispering (with a wink) about my 5+ years of copywriting and marketing knowhow, or dedicating best-selling books to David Hasselhoff, you can find me sleeping with the lights on after watching too many movies about ghosts. (I also have an award-winning blog, if that’s your jam.)

I make you look goooooooood.


Never again wonder if what you’ve written is good enough to get the sale.
Like, never, ever again.

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Questions, inquiries, or hilarious pictures involving a young Tom Selleck should all be directed to Jess by scrawling a love note to jess@verveandvigour.com.

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Certified: Copy Hackers
Certified: Copyblogger
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