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Conversion copy that works WITH your sales funnel…not against it
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Did you know that increasing conversions can actually LOWER your sales? And vice versa?

It’s true. See Lesson #5 right here. (Lesson #6 is good too.)

There are all sorts of instances where increasing conversions on a single page can actually decrease the revenue you bring in — which directly impacts your ability to run and grow your business.

When you focus on “clickbait conversions” — conversions that look good but don’t actually make you money — you’re harming your business. When you waste time optimizing just that one landing page to get a bunch of quick wins and new leads…you might actually be bringing in people who won’t buy. Who won’t convert.

Because while your copy is CRUCIAL, structuring your funnel properly is just as — if not more — important.  

You’re probably wondering “what the heck is this girl talking about I thought she was a copywriter?!”

And you’d be right. I am.

Hi, I’m Katie. Sales Funnel Strategist and Conversion Copywriter for Growth Stage Startups.

I’ve worked for some pretty cool people and companies, including sales process enablement & revenue growth expert Marylou Tyler.


(She had some really nice things to say about me:

Katie excels at communicating key information into a conversational tone that really connects with buyers. She learned my services fast and was very open to feedback, adjusting her [sales emails] so that [they] fit into my sales framework as seamlessly as possible.)

And honestly…I’ve found that how your sales funnel is structured has even MORE of an impact on your revenue than your copy.

Don’t get me wrong! I adore copy.

But the truth is this:

High-converting copy is just ONE element of your sales funnel.

When we talk about conversion copywriting, we’re talking about HOW you sell something. The words you use, the way you position it, and how you present it to the customer — that’s one element. And getting that wrong can kill a sale.

Thankfully, that’s a relatively easy fix…when you know what you’re doing.

(I.e., how to do customer research, write copy that is persuasive AND optimized for conversion, and test and iterate to make sure you’ve got the message right.)

But there are two far more important elements to making a sale…and modifying HOW you sell something won’t fix either of them.

I’m talking about WHAT you offer to your clients…and WHEN you offer it.

Because getting your offer wrong…or offering it too early (before it makes sense)… or too late (after the pain has passed)… will have the exact. same. effect. as bad copy.

Because when your customer sees the right offer at the wrong time…

Or the wrong offer at the right time…

Or the right offer at the right time with bad copy…

They react the same way, no matter which scenario you put them in.

Aka: They don’t buy.

And we all know the implications of what happened when a startup can’t get customers to buy…

“Almost every failed startup has a product. What failed startups don’t have are enough customers.” – Gabriel Weinberg & Justin Mares, Traction: How Any Startup Can Achieve Explosive Growth

How do I know this?

I have 8 years of experience as a consultative sales person (read: working with customers to solve their problems, not forcing product down their throats to fulfill quotas).

I know the sales process inside and out. Upsells, downsells, add-ons, funnels — they’re completely natural for me in a way they aren’t for most other conversion copywriters. (They’re so natural that I once had to look up “upsell offers” and realized that I had already built that into my funnel subconsciously.)

As a result, I have an approach to writing conversion copy that doesn’t just focus on getting you the most leads from your landing page or the most sales from your long-form sales letter. I focus on creating high-converting copy that supports your entire funnel structure — what you’re offering to your clients, how you’re offering it, and when.

And if that means we need to completely tear-down and rebuild your funnel…I actually love doing that so please reach out if that’s you.

Because honestly…

High conversion rates don’t mean anything if they don’t translate into consistent, reliable revenue.

You need revenue so you can continue to invest in your product, hire the best people, and finally get the office that fancy espresso maker that Jim in IT has been begging for.

And just as important as writing the best copy possible is making sure that your business has a sales funnel that works for your customers.  

To make sure that happens, there are 5 core ideas that guide all of my work.


They’re what get me client feedback like this:


Katie lay out my entire funnel for me — including a new course idea and new opt-in content. She made it really easy to understand and everything felt completely aligned to my business and brand goals. It’s such a relief to finally have a structure like this in place! – Lilly Garcia, Founder and Creative Director, Wild Olive Branding



These principles are:

Data and emotion are not enemies. It’s not “you need to tell a story” OR “you need to use actionable metrics” — it’s both. Your marketing needs to be measured and it needs to connect otherwise you won’t sell effectively.

Clarity trumps cleverness. Because anyone can appear clever. It’s a lot harder to be clear and concise and have everyone understand exactly what you do and the value you provide–even if you’re not the solution for them.

Solving problems is more important than being “cool” or “innovative.” Cool and innovative might open wallets once or twice, but it doesn’t scale and it doesn’t survive. Solving real problems that impact people’s lives do.

A solid, proven funnel is more important for growth than fancy traffic strategies. You can drive all the traffic you want to your site. If you’re not converting, that traffic–and all the money you spent acquiring it–is wasted, and your sales opportunity along with them.

Your Customer’s needs always come first.

I cannot emphasize this last one enough.

Your Customer’s needs always come first.

This is the closest thing you’ll find to a one-size-fits-all solution you’ll find when talking about business and selling and marketing and all of the making-money related parts of your business.

Becuase if you’re not focusing on what your customer needs…

If you’re not tapped into what they’re thinking and where they’re at…

You won’t present them with the right offer…in the right way…at the right time.

And that is the key not only to conversion copy, but to creating a funnel that delivers exactly WHAT your customer is looking for, WHEN they’re looking for it, WHERE they’re looking for it.

For months and months, I struggled to write to my audience in a way that felt authentic and unpretentious – the typical end results were either me quitting in frustration or generating zero interest with my copy. Katie…asks questions that go deep into the heart of the matter and sparked a deep curiosity and creativity in me that had been dormant for a long time.

Since implementing Katie’s advice and insights, I’ve felt like I’ve been writing to my audience from the heart and bringing them closer to me for the first time EVER. Katie has the unique superpower of helping you create deep connection with your audience, and I’m grateful to have gotten a glimpse of it. – Mike F Harris, Transformative Mindset Coach


Ready to talk? Email me at

I work on:

  • Sales funnel assessments and strategy…so you know you’re delivering exactly the right offer to your customer at the right time in the right way.

  • Emails that help you build a relationship with your customers…and then get them to buy because they’re ready and eagerly awaiting your product.

  • Landing pages that flood you with qualified leads…so that your sky-high conversion rates actually translate into revenue

  • Sales pages that create an irresistible need to buy…so that you can reliably generate profit and keep the office lights on.

  • Websites that tell people exactly who you are, what you do, and what you’re all about…so the right people opt-in to you and your services from the very start.

  • Content consulting…so you can be sure that the content you’re delivering during your funnel actually engages your customers. (You’ll have to get someone else to write it though.)

Email me at and we’ll book a chat to see if I can help you

Or, if you want to see what I can do right away, sign up here for a website review .

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