**SPEAK HUMAN** SaaS Copy That Inspires Action & Sales Minneapolis, MN, United States
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**SPEAK HUMAN** SaaS Copy That Inspires Action & Sales
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I’m gonna get political AF for a sec (stick around if you like your business mixed with politics):

We need to do better. As marketers, as entrepreneurs, as members of our communities, and as a species. 

And the best way to do better? Start putting people and the planet at the center of everything we do.

That’s where you come in, my do-gooding business-making compadre.

You’re on your way to creating something amaaaahzing that will help to change people’s lives for the better.

Now you need to translate that idea into sales.

And for that, you’ll need the right words.

Human words.

Words that speak not just to the rational mind, but to the hidden heart of what inspires people to action.

In other words, you need to tell a story.

Whether that story is for a coming soon page to collect beta users or a crowdfunding campaign, you need a copywriter–stat.

But you’re looking for *more* than slick, sleazy “love ’em and leave ’em” direct sales copy.  You’ve seen plenty of manipulative marketing, and it may work, but that just isn’t you.

Because you know conversions are just one part of the changemaking business equation. 

You’re looking for IMPACT. You’re looking to inspire people to action AND advocacy for your cause. 

You need a Storyhacker.

Oh, hi there. I’m Alaura. Pleased to meetchya.

My passion for storytelling isn’t whimsical pretension: evidence-based, peer-reviewed studies in psychology, neuroscience, and marketing have proven that the human brain is hard-wired to take action after hearing a story. 

I love to work with startup founders, makers, social entrepreneurs, and busy digital marketing pros to craft sales copy that converts and inspires.

My speciality is in helping you launch and sell your product with landing pages, onboarding emails and crowdfunding campaigns.

My clients include Silicon Valley tech pioneers, Kickstarter record-breakers, and digital entrepreneurs who want to change lives.

Here’s what I’ll take off of your hands so you can get back to building your biz:

  • Pre-launch Email Campaigns– Engage potential backers and create a community of fans before you even launch.
  • Landing Pages– Convert your traffic into a list overflowing with enthusiastic users.
  • Sales, Lead Nurturing & On-boarding Emails- Guide everyone on your email list to that “A-HA moment” that keeps them coming back for more.
  • Web Copy- Give your visitors a captivating experience that clearly communicates how they’ll benefit from the solution you provide.
  • Influencer Outreach Pitches- Get the biggest names in your niche talking about your product and sharing your content with their followers. I’ll create custom email templates for each segment you want to target. You do the rest.

Here’s what your fellow startup founders have to say about working with me:

“Alaura took our C- website that screamed “non-profit cliche” and turned it into an A+ story that got visitors excited about getting involved in our mission. The landing page she created to recruit applicants for our software training program attracted our dream students. We’re proud to say that we’re helping to break down Silicon Valley’s barriers for people of color and other underrepresented groups with each conversion Alaura has helped us to make. “

—Shereef Bishay, Founder of Learner’s Guild and Co-Founder of Dev Bootcamp

“Alaura isn’t just a copywriter, she’s a creative & business development partner who understands the unique needs of startup founders and the importance of content to establishing a brand. After she created a series of PPC ads & landing pages that had a 37.2% conversion rate, I had no doubts about her ability to inspire my target audience to take action. She made the decision to hire her as my go-to copywriter and content strategist effortless”

— Joshua Bretag, Growth Marketer at Canva and Founder, Mindful.am

Alaura’s the kind of writer you hope you’ll get when you “hire a writer.” Until you actually see a writer write for you, it’s extremely difficult to tell good writers from bad and great writers from good – and that’s enough to give any marketer or business founder anxiety. 
We hire Alaura time and again because 1) her stuff is always fantastic, 2) she’s a pro to work with and 3) her work helps drive our growth: her brilliant posts have generated tens of thousands of visitors for our site. You should hire her, too – assuming you want results, of course.”

–Joanna Wiebe, Co-Founder of Copy Hackers & Airstory

One more thing. Here’s an email one of my clients received in response to an on-boarding campaign I created:

“Hey guys,

I just read your email and I feel like you guys TOTALLY get who I am, what I need, and my PAIN! Kudos to your team for seeing a need and getting to work to fill it! I’m a fan and I haven’t even seen the app yet…All in all I’m rooting for you all!”

If this sounds like the kind of deeply engaging, meaningful experience you want to create for your target customer…then let’s talk.

All you have to do is spend 30 minutes on the phone or on Skype for our initial consultation.
I’ll take it from there.

But here’s the thing:
(Isn’t there always a thing?)

There’s just one of me, and thousands of innovators desperate for content from a copywriter like me. My project calendar is already filling up, so if you have a product launch in the next 90 days, we need to talk ASAP!

Go ahead–

Click this link to reserve your FREE 30-minute brainstorming session.

I can’t wait to hear the story you want to tell.

P.S. Here’s the TL;DR version for anyone scrolling to the bottom:

I’m a go-to copywriter for conscious companies because my story-based approach inspires their target users without manipulating them and earns them a steady stream of web traffic and sales. To learn more and reserve a spot on my project calendar, let’s have a 30-minute chat.

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