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>> Quizzes + Conversion Copy <<
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 Most copywriting is based on assumptions. It’s whimsical and it reads well, but does it convert? Errrm, maybe? But that’s not good enough, and you know what they say about assumptions…


Good copy is both a science and an art, and at the heart of it is understanding how asking the right questions leads to deeper understanding and higher conversions.

That’s where I come in. They call me the Quiz Queen (ok, I call myself that).


When you’re running a business, you don’t have time to analyze customer data or have DMC’s with each of your fans.


You definitely don’t have time to create customized quizzes and surveys, even though you KNOW how effective they are in helping you craft a compelling message.


Oh, wait… do you know?


Let me tell you.  


Why are quizzes so effective?


Research shows learning more about our favorite subject (→ ourselves!) releases feel-good hormones like dopamine.


Compound that with the high we get from sharing that information with others and it’s no secret why quizzes are the top performing content on Buzzfeed and the New York Times.


Interactive content is the nectar of the conversion Gods. No seriously, if you haven’t hopped on this lead gen train, the time is now. The average quiz gets shared 1900 times, and the average completion rate is 90%.


That’s not all. Quizzes provide highly relevant information about what your audience is really struggling with or interested in.


This is my favorite part because when you have that knowledge, creating high performing content is a piece of triple layer fudge cake with gold sprinkles.


I’ve gotten some pretty stupendous results using quizzes for my clients, including…



  • 10K new leads with just a $500 ad spend and organic traffic (in one month)

  • Average conversion rates of over 50%

  • Average ad spend of under $.40 per conversion

  • Over 4,000 new leads with social traction alone and zero ad spend

  • Increased sales thanks to powerful email sequences that make sure your target audience knows all that you can offer them



Converting traffic into subscribers is easy when you’ve got a quiz that speaks to your audience.

Creating a compelling sales message is effortless when your list is properly segmented.

Qualifying leads is child’s play when you let them do it themselves using quizzes and surveys.



Finish this sentence….



Thousands of new qualified leads per month on autopilot would help me __________

  • Breathe for 5 minutes and actually enjoy my life

  • Level up my business like never before

  • Find time to create new offerings

  • Test my funnels and make sure my offerings actually convert

  • Make a bigger impact and help more people




“Chanti created powerful promotional campaigns that increased revenue and helped build complex and high-converting email follow-up sequences to allow for automated income generation.


Her quizzes made a huge difference in our lead generation endeavors. We got huge results—better conversions, tons of new leads, and funnels that actually convert.


If you get the chance to work with her,  DO IT. She’s THAT good!” -Babe Hoffarber, Former Director of Marketing and Expansion for Panache Desai, Founder at Profits and Partners


“Working with Chantelle was a dream. It is not too often that a copywriter gets your voice from the start and this was Chanti. She wrote copy for my sales pages, emails and funnels. She will take you to the next level. I promise.” – Rachel Feldman, Business Coach for Health Coaches


“Chanti is super knowledgeable and always meets my thorough research requirements. Some of the highlights of working together include various 1st-page Google rankings and a whole lot of new email subscribers. I’d like to recommend Chanti as a writer, but I don’t want to share her!” – Mark Williams CEO at oilganic.com





Here are some of the ways we can work together:


  • Quizzes and surveys: Level up your lead generation like never before. Build buzz around your launch and get your segmentation squared off. Let your prospects qualify themselves with quizzes and surveys built in to your sales email sequences.


  • Funnel strategies and execution from start to finish: Ever wanted your own funnel strategist? I plan and create funnels without you having to lift a finger. ex. Lead magnet —> landing page —> email sequence —> sales page


  • Funnel strategy sessions: A detailed funnel map to bring your desired outcomes to life and a recommended course of action that suits your business and your budget.



What’s next?


I’m glad you asked.

Click here to schedule your free consult: http://bit.ly/2yTz6AA  or hop on over to chantizak.com to learn more about moi.

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