^ A Terrible Copywriter – The Worst, Actually Portland, Oregon, United States
Posted on December 5, 2017 / 1163
^ A Terrible Copywriter – The Worst, Actually
Listing Type : Contractor
Specialty : A/B Testing, Blog Post / Article, Email, General, UX Copy, Web / Landing Page
Experience : Expert
Audience : B2B

Okay, that’s not true at all. And sorry to use a click-baity headline, but you may have noticed a competition to be first on the listing page.

So here you are. If you read the following three bullets and aren’t 100% aligned, please move on and don’t consider hiring me:

  1. You believe your customers need to want what you have to sell, and if you have a shitty product there’s nothing you or I can say to make them buy it.
  2. You believe your customers will buy how they want to buy, no matter how much trickery we do to convince them. They’ll buy on their own timeline.
  3. You believe authenticity and honesty is the only way to operate in business.

I’ll pause for a second. Shall we keep goin’?

Nice to meet you. I’m Liston. I’m a Sales and Marketing Expert and I’d be happy to help you grow your leads and revenue. Sure, I can help you write better copy and get inside the heads of your customers. But I can also help you with the advanced tech tools that power online businesses (CRM, marketing automation), and more importantly, I can be a Strategic Advisor to your project.

Roll obligatory stats:

  • 104% increase in landing page to consulting request conversions
  • 289% increase in paid clicks
  • 8x increase in monthly sales

And a few nice quotes:

  • “I would much prefer if you were the best kept secret in the industry.”
  • “I’d recommend Liston to anyone that wants to close more customers with their copy.”
  • “When I need copy that converts, Liston is the first person I turn to.”
  • “Seriously thoughtful marketing guy…definitely using him in the future.”
  • “Helped us better understand our customers and gave insight to help guide our strategy.”

And a longer quote:

“In just a couple of months, Liston helped us turn around our declining sign up conversions. Now we’re converting more visitors to sign ups than ever before.” -C. Waters, Marketing Director

And an even longer quote:

“Most of the marketers are either innovative or data-driven. Liston is a rare full-stack marketer who scores equally high in both categories. He is also an excellent communicator, copywriter and a teacher. Liston’s webinar on “How to Write Copy to Boost Clicks, Signups and Sales” was one of the most engaging webinars I have ever hosted with 500+ registrants. He also received some high marks as an instructor for the Growth Hacking Advanced Tactics workshop. I am looking forward to working with Liston on many projects in the future and highly recommend him for hire whether you are a startup, solo-preneur or large company.” -Vasil Azarov, Owner, Growth Marketing Conference

So if you’re reading this…whaddayasay? Shall we talk?

Email me at liston@liston.io, or send me a text message at +1 (818) 968-1934. Talk soon 🙂

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